Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. What is RIDERS 4 RIDERS (R4R)?
    R4R is a not-for-profit organization created to aid those injured or lost due to a motorcycle accident.  First and foremost, our goal is to educate the public and promote motorcycle safety throughout our community.  We serve Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington County AL, Forrest, Green, Perry, Stone, Jackson, Harrison and George County, MS and Escambia County FL.  Assistance will depend upon available funds and donations.
  2. How do I become a member?
    Come join us at a meeting.  We meet Tri-monthly at Boondocks Bar & Grill 10201 Airport Blvd, County Line Bar 26901 Hwy 613 MS and the Main Event 6485 US-90 Theodore, AL on the second Sunday of every month11:00 a.m.  When the second Sunday falls on a holiday or special event, it is usually held on the second Sunday of that month.  If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]
  3. Why should I join?
    R4R’s purpose is to aid persons involved in motorcycle accidents, as well as  to educate the public on the presence of and ways to be safer on the roadways with motorcycles.  Community support and participation is essential to meeting those goals.
  4. Is RIDERS 4 RIDERS a motorcycle club or gang?
    R4R is an organization of volunteers. The officers are nominated and elected by members who participate and attend monthly meetings. There are members who belong to clubs.  As an officer/member of R4R, while participating in R4R events, the interests and mission of R4R takes precedence. R4R is not a club but is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the riding community as a whole per our mission statement without prejudice or preferential treatment to any person regardless of status in the community. 
  5. Do you have to be a member to request assistance?
    No, a five-member Review Committee will accept applications and strive to help anyone within our coverage area.  Assistance will be dependent upon needs and available funds.
  6. Are there membership dues?
    Membership donations of $20/person or $30/couple will be paid for a one-year membership in R4R, which will include a member patch (or patches if a couple). This is an annual donation that will sustain membership from the date of joining thru the anniversary date one year later. At that time a renewal of a membership donation is to be made in order to remain an active member.
  7. How is the money donated and raised used? 
    The money will be used to assist in paying necessary expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, et cetera. An application for assistance will be submitted. There is a five-member review committee  (ARC) who review the application. Once approved by the review committee (ARC), it is then presented to the Board and the immediate needs of the applicant addressed. Cash is never given to an applicant, but a written bill is required and is paid directly by R4R.
  8. Can I  attend a meeting before joining? 
    Yes! Please come to a meeting and bring a friend. Community support is essential to this organization’s success and all are welcome to attend.
  9. Do I have to ride a motorcycle to join? 
    Absolutely not!  You just have to want to support our cause.
  10. Will you post minutes of the meetings on the website?
    No, the legal advice we have received advised not to publish minutes.  We do send newsletters to the participating membership. If you wish to keep up with what we are doing on a regular basis, join us and attend our regular monthly meetings or sign up for an account on our web site.